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The Sollod Technologies team has been providing eProcurement solutions to Colleges and Universities since 1994.
eProcurement initiatives don’t have to be expensive, complex, resource intensive, and risky. Find out how we can help you get started.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership for eProcurement

Sollod Technologies’ marketplace achieves the lowest total cost of ownership and the highest business case. We do so by focusing on your strategic suppliers and providing the most competitive marketplace available. This provides the lowest risk, highest reward solution on the market. More »

The Best Marketplaces

Sollod Technologies is the only eProcurement vendor that focuses exclusively on marketplaces. Our solutions are customizable where they need to be to fit into your environment. We provide the highest quality customer service to support our hosted marketplaces. Our solutions are easy to use and require no training and little to no IT support. More »

What Do We Do


Your marketplace
An eProcurement solution/marketplace built on a standard platform, but with the look and feel of a custom app. More »


Providing eProcurement solutions to Higher Education since 1994
Find out how we can host a catalog for you with full punchout capability, regardless of what standard your customer is asking for. More »